.......... Whimsy's Muse Fairy Photography BELIEVES Magic abounds in and around New Market Village at The Texas Renaissance Festival. See any number of faeries, pixies, sprites, brownies, fauns, mermaids and the like. Fairy Photography will showcase the fanciful. But not all sweetness and light, wizards, goblins, vampyre, and drow...our Goth Photography captures a darker side of fantasy as well.

Please join us at The Texas Renaissance Festival Shoppe #322. And New at The Sherwood Forest Faire Shoppe #154. Come in your own creation or let us costume you, and take your portrait. Within every portrait our wizard has hidden something special. It could be anything from a pixie to a butterfly. Happy Hunting! You can view your images immediately and most orders are printed for you to take home that day! Do you Believe?

Whimsy's Muse Fairy Photography


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Fairy Photography, Goth Photography, Fantasy Photography and all Whimsical Photography From award winning Whimsy's Muse at The Texas Renaissance Festival, Shoppe #322 . and The Sherwood Forest Faire, Shoppe #154 .company of WhinneryMoon .